Shane McGraw & Acaia Mayfield "Are You Ready to Commit to Making It Happen This Year?"


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Too many business leaders fail to set effective goals because they don’t start with the aspirational identity they seek and then set effective goals to achieve what they want. Success is so much more than metrics and KPIs. It’s about how you plan to achieve those goals. You need to ask yourself the big question – who, and what, do I want to be?
Are You Ready to Commit to Making It Happen This Year?
Learn the keys to making reasonable and measurable progress in 2022. Attend our Business Planning Workshop and work alongside other professionals as you create a vision and map out the actionable steps needed to reach your goals.
As the founder of the Cadre Concept and a learner in all things business, Shane McGraw‘s mission is to encourage others to show up as the best version of themselves. For over a decade, Shane has been a lead producer in some of the largest mortgage companies and owns several strategic businesses. He is always chasing audacious goals, which now include professional coaching. Shane is a veteran, husband, father, and leader in his community.
Over the last five years, Acaia Mayfield, co-founder of the Cadre Concept, has devoted her energy to personal development and business coaching. She’s spent years learning systems, studying the art of working with people, attending conferences, and leading multiple companies all with the goal of becoming a better woman, wife, and leader.

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