Ep 317: Myth, murder, and a massive book hangover


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In today's episode, Anne's not the only one giving the recommendations: guest Shreyasi Desai, who also goes by Cece, passes on her own suggestions for our reading community.

Cece grew up in India, where her parents fed her a regular reading diet of mysteries and mythologies. Today, Cece lives in the U.K. and is on the hunt for books featuring serious, angsty topics explored in lyrical and compelling ways.

During their conversation today, Cece shares some of her favorite Indian mythologies and adaptations, while Anne recommends three books that fit Cece's desire for engaging, brave stories she won’t want to put down.

To see what Cece reads next, follow her on Goodreads, or leave your own recommendations for Cece on our shownotes page at whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/317. That's also where you'll find a full list of the titles discussed today.

Content Warning: while it’s not the focus of the episode today, Anne's conversation with Cece touches on themes of domestic and sexual abuse. If you know that these themes may be difficult for you, please take care of yourself by listening with caution, or simply give this episode a pass and tune in next week.

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