New ICF Competencies #8 Facilitates Client Growth #231


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Coaching consistently brings new and fresh insights. Yet, insight without action will never result in lasting transformation or change. That’s why the new ICF Competency #8, Facilitates Client Growth, is so important. This final and critical step of each coaching conversation will help your client take all their awareness, insight, and learning, and translate it into effective, doable action.

Tune into to discover:

  • Tips on helping your client transform learning and insight to action

  • The importance of client autonomy even as they work with a coach

  • The helpful SIDES acronym and how it can assist you and your client in developing a robust growth plan

About Stephanie Gow:

Stephanie Gow serves as a Coach and Consultant for the Education Division of Franklin Covey. She also has her own private coaching practice, Chapelhouse Coaching where her mission is to spotlight the potential and worth that lives in every human being.

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