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One of the most celebrated names in Hollywood joins Ariel for a conversation about his busy career before the guys talk about Lopez' high school wrestling days, the recently revamped Saved by the Bell on Peacock, things he hasn't accomplished yet, how he tries to stay neutral in political debates, how he's navigated his career during the pandemic, and much more.
Mario Lopez is an American actor, producer, talk show host, and entertainer. Known most for his role as A.C. Slater on the '80s hit sitcom Saved by the Bell, Lopez has also appeared on hit TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and Pacific Blue, as well as movies like Colors and Eastside. Lopez currently hosts Access Hollywood and Access Daily, and co-hosts the 3 Knockdown Rule podcast, as well as the nationally-syndicated radio show On with Mario Lopez.
You can follow Lopez on Twitter @mariolopezviva and Instagram @mariolopez.

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