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If you were walking around Tomorrowland in the early 1980's, chances are you have heard Josh Freese. Josh was in a teen band called "Polo" that frequented the Tomorrowland Terrace in those days. Son of the great Disneyland Band Leader Stan Freese, Josh left the adoring throngs of park goers behind to become a successful musician, playing in bands that run the gamut of musical genres - The Vandals, A Perfect Circle, Devo, and countless others. Growing up - literally - in Disneyland, Josh has about as many stories to tell about the early days of the parks has he has credits on albums. Josh was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about how he got his first job working at Disneyland, and how the parks have played a role in his life still. Plus, a bunch of funny stories unrelated to Disneyland at all because, well, Josh is a hell of a storyteller!

Check out Josh's brand new solo project, "Just A Minute: Vol. 1", containing 19 songs under a minute long, because what else do you expect a musician to do during quarantine?


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