Ep. 68 Mom Avril Brown on Doing the Work of Internal Healing in Order to Love Our Neurodivergent Kids Unconditionally


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About This Episode: Okay, my friends - if you've never listened to an episode of On The Hard Days before - THIS episode is a great place to start. I have never personally felt more seen and heard than after chatting with the amazing Avril Brown. She gets it. Moment after moment of our conversation is filled with insight into accepting ourselves in order to truly accept our kids. So many lightbulb moments. Here are just some of the topics we discussed:
-Being triggered by your child's intense emotions
-Guilt from lack of joy in motherhood
-Unconditional love - even during challenging times
-Prioritizing yourself as a mother
-Motherhood perfectionism and rage
-Practice the pause
You can find Avril on FB under her name, Avril Brown.
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