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Episode 11 Carl Tanzler
The hosts for this episode are Dr. Shiloh & Dr. Scott from L.A. Not so Confidential.
Join the doctors as they explore a case that is beyond bizarre - that of Carl Tanzler. In the late 1920s, Tanzler was a doctor in a Florida hospital when he became infatuated with a young tuberculosis patient named Elena Hoyos. When Elena succumbed to her illness in 1931 Tanzler paid for her funeral and the construction of an elaborate mausoleum where she was interred. He visited the crypt nightly, using his key to access it. But after two years, in 1933, he stole Elena’s body and brought it home. There he took measures to make the body appear lifelike, attaching the limbs with wire and using perfume to overcome the stench. He lived for the next few years with the corpse, treating her as his wife. Elena’s family did not discover the theft of her body for seven years. Listen as this week’s hosts discuss this scandalous case, and its bizarre aftermath.
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