Value Investor's Edge Live #45: Zim Integrated Shipping: Update For 2022


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Zim Integrated Shipping (ZIM) was one of my top picks during 2021 and I have heavily covered the company privately and publicly dating back to last February after their IPO. My most recent full-length report was shared in early-December and I have further increased my earnings expectations since then due to the remarkably persistent freight rates.

  • (1:30) Outlook for the containership business in 2022?
  • (5:15) Risk of a near-term drop in rates? Largest risks in 2022?
  • (8:30) Update on LA/LB service, still diverting ships?
  • (11:00) Current freight negotiations, contract mix going forward?
  • (18:15) Status of 2M Alliance negotiations, any changes?
  • (20:30) Dividend policy: what determines 30-50% payout range?
  • (24:30) What to do with remaining cash: capital allocation priorities?
  • (33:15) Why not have an active share repurchase? Block purchases?
  • (39:00) Update on potential tax rate reduction?
  • (44:15) Results of digital ventures and investments? Valuation potential?
  • (52:00) Potential for FY22 earnings to be even higher than FY21?

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