Well-Being Where You Work: Putting it into Practice


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Today’s guest, Dr. Sam Dolezal, is the Wellbeing Officer at Union Bank & Trust, acting as the company go-to for anything health & wellness related. Sam’s role focuses on personal training, fitness classes, and generally being a cheerleader for the employees. Sam asks the question ‘How do individuals learn?’ and provides information on how she helps others to strive for well-being. UBTWell offers a whole host of benefits including the wellness reimbursement account, where associates get $250 every year to spend on a variety of approved items. Tune in to hear Kerry and Sam discuss everything from focusing on what the needs of your team members are, creating virtual events during the pandemic and how to establish the effectiveness of a program.


  • [01:00] Introducing Sam Dolezal
  • [05:00] UBTWell Programs and wellness benefits
  • [08:00] The Wellness Reimbursement account
  • [10:30] Staying on top of innovation
  • [14:00] The C Everett Koop National Health Award
  • [20:00] Success is based upon the engagement of the entire community


  • Union Bank & Trust is an example of an award winning and successful workplace wellness programs.
  • UBT uses a variety of strategies to implement programs that obtain a very high engagement rate.
  • How the workplace wellness programs are implemented at UBT, including the Wellness Reimbursement account.
  • How outcomes can be tracked both for the employer and employees.


Dr. Sam Dolezal is the Wellbeing Officer at Union Bank & Trust, acting as the company go-to for anything health & wellness related. While her responsibility is ensuring a healthy workplace, she gets to fulfill her passion for supporting others on their journey to a healthier tomorrow. With a doctoral degree in Healthcare Education and extensive background in exercise science and community health, Sam draws on all her education and experience to help others live their very best lives. As passionate about community as she is fitness, Sam is an active volunteer in multiple organizations and is a business member of the Tobacco-Free Lancaster County Task Force.

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