Ep 090: Normalize Talking About Your Vagina feat. Dr. Nicole Williams


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Nobody loves talking more about healthy vaginas than Leanna and Jared, and they are thrilled to welcome Dr. Nicole Williams, board-certified OBGYN and author of "This is How You Vagina." Dr. Williams shares her background and her journey into providing a "love letter" as a way to offer knowledge and empowerment to all vagina owners. She talks about all things vagina including vaginal health and how to deal with infections and doctors, if there's an actual "G" spot, orgasm ownership, vaginal and medical racism and the importance of lubrication! Leanna and Jared also catch up as Jared talks about his first date in months and Leanna shares her recent thoughts on the potential harm of toxic dating positivity. Make sure to follow Dr. Nicole Williams on instagram @drnicolelife and purchase her book "This is How You Vagina", available on Amazon or at www.thisishowyouvagina.com.

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