Joe Rogan Took It In The Mouth This Weekend, Doug Ford Aka Mr.Plow, Wild Card Weekend/Fight Weekend In America, Woke Harry Potter & Pure Blood Jizz


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#JoeRogan took it in the mouth this weekend after Josh Zepps presented him with actual Covid facts. Once again, #JoeRogan is NOT a Dr.

#DougFord pretended to drive around digging people out of the worst blizzard in 40 years. He's invisible when it matters and we can't get rid of the dumb f*** when it does.

#JoshAllen and #TheBills were perfect this weekend. The #Dallas #Cowboys were not and they want to fight about it. Ray Rauth from Talking Football With Ray covers Wild Card/Fight Weekend in #America.

#Woke #HarryPotter and #PureBlood Jizz is a thing.

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