Chris Rokosh and Aleks Mladenovic; A Difficult Road Can Sometimes Lead to a Great Destination.


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In this moving, inspirational episode of Inside Medical Malpractice, Chris Rokosh talks with Toronto medical malpractice lawyer Aleks Mladenovic. In 2019, Alex was completely surprised to learn he had bowel cancer. At the time, he was a young, busy successful lawyer who was forced to quickly face a cancer diagnosis, find a way to enter and trust a healthcare system that he had sued multiple times, overcome the challenges of treatments, and undergo multiple surgeries that included life threatening complications. But this isn’t just a story of struggle. It’s a story of triumph and success as Aleks made the seemingly impossible journey back to the office and into the courtroom. Listen as he shares the highs and lows of his experience, talks about the most valuable things he learned, praises the doctors and nurses who healed him by seeing him and offers up what, he thinks, needs to be changed about healthcare. Then Aleks shares some of the best advice ever on what doctors, nurses, lawyer, and the public need to know about medical malpractice. This is a fantastic episode. Don’t miss it! For more medical legal education, visit our website

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