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Welcome to the second interview with Ekaterina Sophia the founder of Peace of Mind Online Wellness Studio”.

Her mission is to bring peace of mind to everyone in the easiest, most accessible way possible.

During this interview we focus on the first of three modalities of Ekaterina’s teachings. We get to talk about what is meditation. The different styles of mediation, when to use it and what to expect from a meditation practice


“Master your mind to master your life!“

Meditation is far more than sitting crossed legged on top of the Himalayas. Meditation is all about awareness, focus and mind mastery. Furthermore, there are many ways that you can practice the art of meditation. We talked about meditation in as many ways as possible so that you can pick one from to master this incredible gift to you and humanity. With meditation:

  • You can expect to have a greater peace of mind
  • You can expect to have greater clarity
  • You can expect to have increased Will power
  • You can expect to see many positive changes in your life because if you want to see change in the world you must start with yourself

“There is no magic pill, you have to work with it!”


Guided Meditation at minute 50

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