1.5 Criminal Justice: Does prison work? - with The Secret Barrister and Paula Harriott


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Media Storm presented by Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia

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Plans to lock up 20,000 new prisoners, a Home Secretary who wants criminals to “literally feel terror”, and the highest incarceration rate in Western Europe…

This is the UK’s ‘tough on crime’ mantle, and a political battleground fought all over the world. Media outlets vilify ‘thugs’ and ‘terrorists’ while politicians auction for the ‘law and order’ vote. But with no clear correlation between incarceration and crime rates, are we keeping people safe, or just keeping them scared?

This week, your hosts sit down with The Secret Barrister and former prisoner Paula Harriott to talk all things crime - from prisons to Prince Andrew - after heading behind bars to answer one simple question: does prison work?

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