Wrestling Is Gross #70 - Twenty Twenty-One, At Least We Have Each Other


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Another year in Hell! Join us, as we march ever closer to the end times and revisit our favorite matches from 2021. Let us circle the drain together. The world is gonna end soon but at least we have wrestling! Thanks to everyone who listened in 2021. We love every last one of you, even the real sickos and weirdos! We are all friends! Death to America! Our lists are linked below. Don't click these until after listening to the show! ***SPOILERS*** Siobhan's 2021 MOTY List ***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** Bucky's 2021 MOTY List ***SPOILERS*** Buy the Super Porky enamel pin! Buy multiple pins! It's too late for Christmas, so get those orders in now for Valentine's Day! Nothing says I love you like a little enamel pin of a big fat guy with his shirt off! Buy the shirts! The ONLY PLACE you can buy a t-shirt with Mike Enos, Dick Slater and Col. Parker on it. That's right, the official ROUGH & READY shirt is here! We still haven't been sent a cease & desist! Leave us a rating and/or review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or wherever else you can do that.

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