How to Evaluate Everything


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How many of you set New Year's Resolutions? I know I did. I'm a total geek about a fresh start, a clean slate. It sets my entrepreneur heart on fire. I bet you love it too. There is a process though that I use to set intentions. It starts with an evaluation. I evaluate everything the same way, in the same order, and today on the podcast, I teach you the framework that I use for myself and with my clients. I also share with you the psychology behind why I do it this way. You can use this process to evaluate 2021 and set the road map for 2022, but it's the same framework I use to evaluate everything. Every investment, every launch, every month, everything. This is going to bring incredible value to your life this year - listen, and enjoy! Free Downloads: Marketing Blueprint Guide to Journaling Schedule a Discovery Call: Schedule Appointment with Coach Korba ( Website: Social:

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