82: George Wheeler and the Wisconsin UFO Flap of the Mid 70s with Brent Hand


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George Wheeler never expected to see two, let alone one, but his second sighting was different. From the top of Tuttle Hill in Elmwood, Wisconsin, a bright, glowing object hovered 100 feet in the air. George knew what to do this time, and he picked up the radio, and described everything he could to dispatch. And then, the radio went dead...
Elmwood, Wisconsin, population 700, is the least likely place for a UFO flap, but in the mid 1970s it played host to a series of UFO sightings, as did the entire state. There were UFOs, abductions, strange humanoids, and even GONDOLA MAN.
Brent Hand from Hysteria 51 stops by to explore the Wisconsin Cheese Flap of the mid 1970s!
Sources: APRO Bulletin Vol 24 N 10

George Wheeler’s First Sighting

A Collection of Newspaper Articles about the Elmwood Sightings

April 1974 UFO Sighting

August 1974 FBI Case

Marcia Knipfer UFO Case

The Bosak Humanoid Encounter

Humanoid Footprints 1975

Wisconsin Landing

HUMCAT Index for 1975

UFO Observes a Football Game

UFO Asks Young Girl If She Wants To Come On Board

Loyal Police Takes Reports of UFOS

HUMCAT index for 1976

DeLyle Miller’s Sighting

Paul and Mark Fredrickson’s 3rd sighting

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