[FAMM Practitioner Series] FFP 396 | Overcoming Hypothalamic Amenorrhea | Dani Sheriff


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In today’s episode Dani Sheriff shares her experience in the FAMM program, and how it has enhanced her professional practice. She also shares her birth story. Dani was pregnant during the FAMM program, and gave birth to her beautiful baby daughter during covid/lockdown times.

Dani Sheriff is an Australian-Born, Austin based Podcaster, YouTuber and digital illustrator. She is the host of The Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Podcast and founder of The HA Society – a podcast and online community for women who care about getting their periods.

She’s just like every other person in the world, she struggles with her body image and self worth. Being obsessed with looking ‘the correct way’ took so much energy both physically and mentally. She had absolutely nothing to show for it. No one was congratulating her or thanking her for impacting their lives. She didn’t have an enjoyable social life or a menstrual cycle. Nothing.

She lost both her time and her fertility.

So she realized she needed to change. She started eating and resting and her body started to heal. With all this new-found time and energy, she picked up a pen and started to draw women with real bodies, having real thoughts and struggling through real barriers. And people liked it. They started thanking her for the impact that her work was having on them. That’s when Dani realized she was starting to make an impact and found her calling. She then started podcasting and YouTubing to keep the message spreading.

Since then, she’s grown a following of women (and men) who are trying to free up mental and physical space so that they can actually do real work. She does this by creating art, podcasts and YouTube videos. That’s her mission. And none of it had anything to do with making herself smaller or hungry.

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Topics discussed in today's episode:
  • Dani's experience with charting
  • How charting can be successful for someone who is not having a period
  • What is HA and why does it result in the loss of a period
  • How to identify HA with charting
  • Dani's experience having with child birth while having covid
  • Dani's advice on preparing for birth
  • How Dani's experience with childbirth impact her
Connect with Dani:

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