#010 Suezanna Zenani pt.1 - Recognizing limiting patterns


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This is the first episode of two interviews I had with Suezanna Zenani. She is a “Heart Warrior” a “Self Love Guide” that helps other women to truly see themselves through photographs and personal coaching. She describes herself with the three words: Rebel, love goddess and connection. During the first episode we learn more on her backstory and her adventures in South Africa until the point where she returns to Denmark and is hit with a depression. In this first episode we get to know her connection to South Africa and how she relived the same pattern over and over until she became aware of it and could consciously change it. A pattern that already appeared in her childhood. How she held a very self confident outside with achievement and job titles but how her self-worth was very low on the inside. Suezanna shares what brought her to the journey into self-awareness and personal growth that brought a lot of spiritual knowledge and growth, that she now is successfully using in her work with women photography.

Here a few deep thoughts she share during this first talk.

  • You can train your thoughts and consciousness.
  • Deep purpose. We find it in our deepest pain.
  • Self love is not a selfish act. (It is not egoistic)
  • Unconditional self love, with no more judgment.


Question to ask self. Listen and answer:

  • Think back to what was your most painful horrifying time in your life?
  • What was the value, the experience you could learn from it?

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