EP72 - Derek D‘Souza - Photographer - The Jam, Paul Weller Solo - ”True it‘s a dream mixed with nostalgia but it‘s a dream that I‘ll always hang on to...”


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Derek D Souza started taking photos of Paul Weller over 40 years ago – snapping The Jam at various gigs and soundchecks before the famous shoot at Chiswick House in London. Attending concerts across London, he would smuggle his kit in and take photos at every opportunity, sending the best ones in to their fan club. His photographs, taken with a low-budget, manual camera from the midst of crowds in low-lit venues, caught the attention of Paul Weller. Two years later, Paul’s mum, Ann contacted Derek and he was commissioned to take photos for the band’s 1981 single “Absolute Beginners”. One of Derek’s images from that day has even been added to the National Portrait Gallery’s collection. Take a listen to hear about his love of The Jam and how he captured photographs of the band from the viewpoint of the crowd... And find out more at PaulWellerFanPodcast.com Thanks for listening - make sure that you subscribe / follow and leave a review - and if you want to support the podcast financially, you can buy me a virtual coffee (£3) at paulwellerfanpodcast.com/shop

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