NYT Article WARNS Civil War Is Close.


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NYT Article WARNS Civil War Is Close.



Dec 13, 2021

Tim Pool

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NYT Article WARNS Civil War Is Close As Media Claims PROOF Trump Planned Military Coup On Jan 6th. Charles m. Blow And Ray Dalio have both recently suggested a second Us civil war could be upon us. As democrats embrace a worldview completely at odds with republicans and tribalism matters more than principle or the very system in the US then civil war becomes increasingly more likely. Of course this refers to kinetic civil war, that is to say direct physical combat. But in terms of Democrats, Republicans, the 2020 election, the 2022 midterms and Trump running in 2024 it seems obvious we are in a cold civil war already. The catalyst could be abortion, or maybe even inflation under Biden and democrat policy. It could be Trump winning in 2024 #CivilWar #SecondCivilWar #Biden Become A Member And Protect Our Work at http://www.timcast.com My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/timcastnews Podcast Channel - https://www.youtube.com/TimcastIRL Merch - http://teespring.com/timcast Make sure to subscribe for more travel, news, opinion, and documentary with Tim Pool everyday.

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