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Legendary Radio Show rocking it since 2001 awarded by the most prestigios platforms.
Created by the spanish Techno Titan based in London w/30 Years of Career.
Very Important Guests + his own sets in exclusive for you!
1-Was It Was- ØNES
2-Against Time- Moddullar
3-Direction (Original Mix)- d_func. and Mario Berger
4-Ignorance vs Innocence- CASKO
5-Losing Sight- 18:18
6-Nebula (Original Mix)- Vohkinne
7-Ledd - Pentagon- Interstellar Warfare EP
8-Succes & Segment- Modulator Symmetry -Combine Audio
9-Improve Drums- RHODIO_
10-Injuries- Moddullar
11-Parallel Inversion (Original Mix)- Vohkinne
12-Premiss- CASKO
13-Ledd - Interstellar Warfare-
14-Disrupt & Heal- CASKO
15-First Encounter- FadeFace
16-Mother Tongues and Father Throats- CASKO
17-Skepticism- Moddullar
18-UM- Submit
19-Receiving transmission- LIDVALL
20-Transversal (Original Mix)- Adrian Oblanca
21-Kastra- Angelo Stasi
22-Narcissus (Hioll Remix)- BRÄLLE
23-Diego Oroquieta- Stat- Newrhythmic Recs
24-Birds Mansion (Umwelt Remix)- BFVR
25-Jamal- Konfortraushen
26-Randomize- KUVOKA
27-Halls Of Mirros- Kian Gast
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