Ep 086: Glowing Up Gay feat. Joe Cano & Cole Alexander


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Everyone loves a good glow up, right? Leanna and Jared welcome Joe Cano and Cole Alexander, two beautiful, gay men, both inside and out, who take pride in who they are. Joe and Cole both open up about growing up gay and how that played out in their lives, including family disapproval, religious oppression and the journey to self-discovery and resilience. They each share their coming out stories and how they are still navigating family acceptance. Joe vulnerably opens up about the horrors of his experience in "conversion camp" followed by his dissociation with the Mormon church. Cole also shares his similar experiences in the evangelical church and the four of them touch on how politics and religion continues to play a huge roll in discrimination and repression of the LGTBQIA community. This is a must-listen and a must-share and you should probably grab some tissues. Follow Joe and Cole's journey on instagram @the_joe_nyc and @thecolealexander.

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