Patience, Jewish Grasshopper (Our Jewbilee!)


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In their 50th episode, the Nice Jewish Fangirls converge to discuss "savlanut" (patience), the first of the Middot Mussar. Which characters and storylines most embody this trait? When is it a source of struggle, and why? Is impatience always a negative trait? And what can these stories tell us about our own journeys toward becoming more patient and accepting people? This week's obsessions include Hawkeye on Disney+, Derry Girls on Netflix, and SnappyDragon and the Jewish historical costuming community. Next up on the middot list: Generosity! Middot Mussar source sheet:…with=all&lang2=en Get our NEW MERCH! Tamar's BOOK!…12nAq28iR&rank=1 Get in touch with us! Twitter: Facebook: Email us at Review us on Apple Podcasts:…ls/id1181390630 Edited by Jamie Blumberg. You can reach them on Twitter (, email them at, or visit their website at

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