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East Forest returns to the pod. We Talk about the launch of his new platform Journey Space, his 2 new albums, collaboration with Jon Hopkins on the Ram Dass audio track Sit Around The Fire. We get into the importance of a singular voice for people to be guided by through their psychedelic journeys, how that it elevates the nature of ceremony. We talk about music as medicine, paradoxes, the infinite game, forgetting, and the joy of remembering, the dance of god playing peekaboo, social media, being confined by the system, and working within it to bring about new ways of being, connecting, community and healing and more.

I am very excited about his new project, Jounrey Space, a platform for accessible, transformational journeys, co-founded by East Forest and born from years of developing practices to support deep inner work. Jounrey Space facilitates online groups to journey together, supported by facilitators, to provide a foundation for successful inner growth. Coming together in groups to witness our collective humanity and assist transformational journeys is more important now than ever.

Listen to his first appearance: EP #144 EAST FOREST - The Power Of Music & Ceremony In A Time Of Collective Crisis


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