Do you feel in resistance to yourself as an HSP?


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As HSPs we can often feel like we are in constant battle with ourselves internally. Almost like interference with our own energy and well-being. Whilst this sounds counterintuitive to our own happiness we can often be unaware of how much we are doing it. The cause of this is often as a result of feeling we needed to hide our true feelings as children in order to protect ourselves. The trouble is as adults this no longer serves us and can have a great cost to our health, well-being, and personal success. Some of the signs to look out for are inner tension and a habit of constantly second-guessing what we feel, think and do. The good news is, this habit can be reversed once we take the first step of becoming aware of it. Then we can gradually move towards the promotion of a calm and loving inner experience as we learn to be ourselves again as adults. Join us this week as we look out for the warning signs and the ways in which to bring balance and healing to this most meaningful endeavor.

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