43. Ethics in fundraising for small charities


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Small charities are often more in touch with their donors than larger charities, and starting out in their fundraising efforts can be challenging on many fronts.

So, what can small charities do to ensure they are acting ethically?
In this episode Bianca chats to Katherine Raskob, the CEO of Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) - the professional fundraising body in Australia - about the FIA Code and the importance of ethics in best-practice fundraising.
Katherine has a wealth of experience as a charity board director and leader, and shares her advice for how small non-profits can act ethically and professionally when fundraising.
The FIA Code and information on the FIA's course can be found here: https://smallnonprofits.com.au/2021/11/02/what-is-the-fia-fundraising-code/
Listening notes;
13 mins - Why transparency in fundraising is important

14.30 mins - Why it costs money to raise money & how to explain that to donors

22.15 mins - The FIA Code and ethical data practices with donors

23.30 mins - How the Code advises on supply chain practices for small charities
24.30 mins - FIA Code Course
26.16 mins - Advice to directors of small charities on ethics in fundraising

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