EP 31 – Creating Change with Coaching with Charlotte Terrell


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What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

What freedoms and possibilities are available with coaching?

What are The Four C’s and Actionable Steps?

Discover this enlightening information and much more in the latest episode of Kaleidoscope of Possibilities in which Dr. Adriana Popescu is joined by transformational life coach, speaker, and author Charlotte Terrell.

In this lighthearted and laughter-filled conversation you will hear about simple tools, life skills, and empowering steps to create change, move towards your own goals, and contribute to others right away.

In this episode:

  • Charlotte’s story and her inspirations
  • Coaching vs. therapy
  • Coaching in life and sports
  • Professional women and men
  • Life balance
  • Self-acceptance and self-love
  • Tools for change
  • The Blotting Exercise
  • Perfectionism
  • David Burns
  • The Four C’s
  • Listening with your eyes and heart
  • Reading the room
  • The freedom of coaching
  • Actionable goals
  • Incorporating laughter and gratitude
  • Feeding your spirit

Resources mentioned in this episode:

About Charlotte:

Charlotte Terrell has worked as a Clinical Therapist. Currently, she is a Transformational Life Coach, Speaker and Author. She has evoked changes and positively impacted the lives of hundreds with her authentic, insightful wisdom, and witty approach to life and its circumstances. Charlotte has authored three books. She has founded two companies; she currently owns/operates Images Motivational Consultant Agency, which is designed to support, assist, and improve the lives of individuals, groups, and families in the areas of compassion, communication, confidence, and coping. Her mission is to help people rediscover their Power, peace, and happiness.

“What actions can you take to change your situation?” – Charlotte

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