Everything You Need to Know About SEO as a Creative with Stefanie Becker


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EP22: Ever felt overwhelmed by SEO as a creative? What the heck is it? How does it work? How can I implement it into my current website? Well, worry no more, because today Stefanie Becker, SEO Expert, is coming on the pod to answer all your questions and more!

Stefanie Becker Digital is a boutique SEO agency specializing in creating additional revenue streams for small creative businesses and influencers through increasing website views and affiliate income. SB Digital also offers an online course called SEO for Creatives, a simple online course to implement the basic SEO fundamentals for your website with actionable tips. A few of Stefanie's clients include Classy Clutter, Arizona State University, and Gonzaga University. Stefanie is also a wife and mom to her one-year-old son, Charlie.

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