Oakland, CA: What Will Become of the Media? (Guest: Molly Wood)


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Molly Wood is an Oakland, CA-based journalist. She is a pioneer in both public radio and the podcasting industry. I ask Molly candidly - what is going on with media right now, and what will the future hold?

Molly talks about her current situation in Oakland, where she has been largely WFH for the past several years anyway. But has quarantine driven her further into isolation? We ask about that a bit. Molly talks about the small ways in which she supports the local economy even during the current period.

I ask Molly - based on the people she interviews on a daily basis as part of her job - what she is seeing and hearing in terms of a potential 'return to normal' whatever that may look like. Molly shares her opinion on who some of the top experts are that all of us should be following.

I ask Molly about Elon Musk's recent tweets related to opening up immediately. She provides her take, and also what she is hearing from friends. All in all you don't want to miss this colorful episode of distanced.

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