33. Maximize Your Work Productivity By Using This One Technique


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We get used to thinking that when we are working that every minute needs to be maximized and not wasted with a break because there is always more that needs to get done. But the reality is, you’re never going to be done with work. We only know how to cram and try to push through work or learning walls. But at that point it usually costs three times as much time to get half as much done. Today we discuss the Pomodoro technique, which is beneficial for our memory, focus, ability to absorb information and keeps our mind engaged instead of wandering when we are learning or doing work tasks. Say goodbye to cramming and hello to focused productivity.

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[1:13] We all face the same challenges.
[2:52] Maximizing our work productivity.
[4:12] Sometimes we think we are being more efficient, but we end up creating more work for ourselves.
[6:41] Our concentration ability ranges between 10 and 40 minutes.
[6:52] The Pomodoro Technique.
[8:46] You will never be done with work, so take those breaks.


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