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Benjamin Radford, a skeptic and investigative researcher has spent many years diving into real-life myths and mysteries! We enjoy talking to him! Check out our last interview with Ben: Benjamin Radford is the Deputy Editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, a Research Fellow with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, folklorist, and member of the American Folklore Society. He is an award-winning author, co-author or editor of over twenty books and thousands of articles on a wide variety of topics including urban legends, the paranormal, critical thinking, and media literacy. Find more about him here; Big-If True: Adventures in Oddity (Paranormal) Get the book: This collection of Skeptical Inquirer magazine columns by investigator and folklorist Benjamin Radford guides readers on a science-based (yet open-minded) examination of 70 fascinating and mysterious topics. Drawing on two decades of first-hand research, Big-If True separates fact from fiction using forensics, science, psychology, folklore, and more. Big-If True examines these and dozens of more mysteries including Bigfoot, reincarnation, chupacabras, Icelandic elves, conspiracy theories, UFOs, miracles, the terrifying Goat-Man, crop circles, subliminal advertising, sea serpents, wandering trees, medical mysteries, and hypnotist thieves-plus a 1990 Elvis sighting. For mystery lovers and armchair investigators alike, this book offers a look behind the scenes at investigating oddities and curiosities, both ancient and modern. --------------- Check out Radio Wasteland News & interview highlight clips: Radio Wasteland is a radio show and podcast that covers all topics mysterious to conspiratory, ranging from corrupt governments and cover-ups to UFO phenomenon and cryptozoology… and everything in between… and more importantly, everything beyond. Learn about the cast and crew at #RadioWasteland #BenRadford #Paranormal Follow Us at: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: YouTube: Want to be a guest on our show? Email us at and we will get back to you ASAP!

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