Dr. Bob Nelson & Mario Tamayo: Having Fun at Work


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In today’s episode, we have a 2 for 1 special, as I speak with Dr. Bob Nelson & Mario Tamayo to discuss the release of their book, Work Made Fun, Gets Done. Easy Ways to Boost Energy, Morale and Results.
According to Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For in America:” 81% of workers in the companies on the list say they work in a fun environment. Deloitte calls the 2020s "The Era of Workplace Fun."

With COVID waning, all employees want more fun than ever before. When you make fun part of your culture, workers will prosper— it’s a proven driver of desired results, creativity & better relationships.

And this formed the basis of a really entertaining, dare I say, fun discussion about all things organizational culture, employee recognition, engagement & hybrid work.

We talked about a world after covid. And how we believe organizations can differentiate themselves from the competition in an increasingly disruptive talent landscape. Against the backdrop of the Great Resignation, fun at work may be more important now than ever before.

We had a great discussion and I hope you enjoy it.
Dr. Bob Nelson
Considered the world’s leading authority on employee recognition & engagement and President of Nelson Motivation Inc., a management training/consulting company specializing in helping organizations improve their management practices, programs & systems.
He’s worked with 80% of Fortune 500 as a Strategist for HR Issues. Has been a long-time collaborator & confidant for Dr. Ken Blanchard, “The One Minute Manager” and is currently a personal coach for Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1-ranked executive coach.
Mario Tamayo
Mario Tamayo, a principal with Tamayo Group Inc., has more than thirty years of experience in maximizing human performance, working with companies such as L’Oréal, Genentech, Petco, General Dynamics, The Ken Blanchard Companies, The Anthony Robbins Companies, and 2Connect.

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