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Luiz Zorzella, founder and principal of Amquant. Luiz shares on the contrast of Venture Capital and S&P. He also shares more about taking on the leadership role and different perspectives on the financial industry.

More about our guest:

Luiz Zorzella, through his company, Amquant, works with banks, insurance companies, investment and other service firms worldwide in the areas of growth, profitability and innovation. In his podcast, The Strategy Taken, he interviews business leaders on how they make and implement difficult strategy decisions. He is also the author of the book Revenue Growth and publishes a monthly newsletter where he examines the growth drivers of the financial sector. Luiz is a former consultant and expert with McKinsey & Co. and investment banker with JP Morgan Chase.


Episode Guide:

1:26 - What is Innovation?

2:28 - Venure Capital sector underperforimg the S&P

4:45 - Class movements: Outperformers, averages, underperfomers

5:51 - What is efficiency?

7:46 - S&P from 500 to 310

9:04 - Competitive advantages/capabilities

10:02 - 'Not' creating value: 2 situations

12:26 - Leadership development space

14:01 - Coaching leadership perspective: Signal and Noise

15:41 - Financial Services: decisions on innovation through data

17:19 - Changing perspectives and fine-tuning

19:25 - Investing in people: solving classic value-metric problems

22:54 - What isn't Innovation?

24:51 - Company identifiers: Good or bad at innovation?

26:28 - Advice for innovator

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