#86 Love yourself


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Happy GratiTuesday, Today’s breath is a “Three part Breath” which increases oxygen to the brain, stimulates the body and helps you get in tune with how your body breathes. You can sit or lie down for this practice. Place one hand over your stomach and inhale deeply, feeling your stomach rise as it inflates. Exhale and feel your stomach deflate. Let’s do that two more time.
Repeat five times.

Repeat with rib cage

and then with chest.

Today’s nudge is: Love yourself

You have to love yourself before you can expect others to love you! If you love you, others will love you. Love your physical self, love your emotional self, love your mental self. Love who you are wherever you go. Accept how and who you are and love you. It’s ok to love yourself and still opt to improve yourself. We are all a work in progress, but you can still love yourself along the way.

Let’s repeat this three times

Love yourself

Love yourself

Love yourself

Have a great GratiTuesday!

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