MPP 025: The Communication Trick to Cutting Your Fights in Half


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Have you ever noticed that when you're feeling hungry, tired, stressed, anxious, nervous, sad, angry or host of other seemingly negative emotions that you are a lot more irritable and tougher to be around? We definitely have and as we have taken a closer look at ourselves and our recent fights, they are usually because there is an external factor that is causing us to be in a bad mood and take it out on each other. But what if we could avoid those times? What if we learned how to communicate when we are feeling in a negative headspace?
That is what this episode is all about, learning to communicate while feeling emotional and learning how to respond when your partner is getting emotional. It's much easier said than done but we are positive that just being aware of your partner's feelings and working on being empathetic will have a massively positive impact on you and your marriage! We hope you enjoy!

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