#85 Expect wonderfulness


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Happy Motivational Monday,

Today’s breath is just to bring awareness to how fast you are breathing. We are going to breathe for one minute. I will time it while you simply count your breaths. A breath is one inhale and an exhale. Just breathe your normal breath while I time you. Start now….ok stop.

How many breaths did you take in one minute? Hopefully less than 20. In fact 12-18 breaths is optimal for an adult. If you are breathing more than that you are hindering yourself from getting the optimal amount of oxygen into your body each breath. Quick breaths cause anxiety, headaches, stomach aches, and lack of clarity, focus and concentration. So, stop drop and breathe whenever you are feeling any of this!

Today’s nudge is: Expect wonderfulness

If you expect the experience to be wonderful, it will feel wonderful. If you expect yourself to be wonderful, then you will be. It is mind over matter. What you expect and think become your reality! When you expect it, you work towards it, your attitude perceives it, you feel it, talk it, live it and become it! So, expect wonderfulness and live a wonderful life.

Let’s repeat this three times:

Expect wonderfulness

Expect wonderfulness

Expect wonderfulness

Have a great motivational Monday!

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