11/27/21 – Shiur 347 – Yiddishkeit & The Modern World; Should we embrace it or remain insular?


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Internet – kosher phones or iphones? Science – Should the big bang scare us? Kosher Entertainment – Bad influence or another way to engage with our children? Modern Clothing and Sheitels – Has Tznius gotten too lax? Education – Secular education or just Gemara? How have we handled modernity in the past (a historical perspective)? Have we succeeded?

with Rabbi JJ Schacter - Noted Historian – 22:24 with Dr. Alan Kadish - President, Touro College – 45:59 with Rabbi Berel Wein - Renowned Rov, Author, Historian and Lecturer – 1:04:01 with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin - Author, Director of Education, NCSY – 1:14:41 with Dr. Elisheva Carelbach - Director of Jewish Studies, Columbia University – 1:28:26 with Dr. Eli Shapiro - Popular Educator/social worker, Creator, The Digital citizenship project – 1:37:01 with Rabbi Chaim Veshnefsky - Director Yesodei Hadaas yesodeihadas.org – 1:53:28

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