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Dr. Nupur Mehta, internal medicine physician, co-founder of Heyday Health, shares how his company and the healthcare industry can do better in providing services for the 3Ps: Providers, Payers, and Patients.

More about our guest:

Dr. Nupur Mehta is an internal medicine physician dedicated to improving the quality of life and wellbeing of all patients but especially older adults. He has spent his career innovating within the healthcare industry to align incentives between patients, providers, and healthcare payors. Most recently, he co-founded Heyday Health, a virtual first primary care start-up practice dedicated to meeting the needs of older adults. The unique challenges identified during the COVID-19 pandemic have generated significant opportunities to improve patient outcomes and experience while reducing costs, and organizations like Heyday Health are innovating rapidly to shift the delivery model to refocus on the needs of patients. When he's not trying to fix healthcare, you can find him on the tennis court, in front of the stove/grill, or chasing after his two daughters.


Episode Guide:

1:44 - What Is Innovation

2:43 - Consumer back view of innovation

3:02 - 3Ps: Providers, Payers, and Patients

5:21 - USA: Health care = Sick care

7:40 - 'External' light on the process: Innovation and Collaboration

10:38 - Opacity from providers and high healthcare costs

12:03 - Provider internal change: motivators beyond altruism

13:18 - 'Global' budget for proactive vs reactive response to healthcare

16:39 - Offsetting incentive to invest in 'sick care'

20:57 - Altruism in the current medical field

22:59 - 2 year difference in healthcare: COVID changes

24:25 - Reliance on face-to-face patient care

27:35 - New model on 'being able to do what's right for patients more often'

29:07 - 25 mins of conversation vs 5 mins of examination

30:07 - Physical exam in practice

31:54 - Local service coverage

33:19 - Advice to Innovators


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