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We got a whopper! Comedian and mom Ms Pat join comedian and America’s dad Bob Saget, comedian and dad Rich Vos, comedian and father of a son who loves me more than him Robert Kelly, and fatherless multi-time abortionist, me, as they talk about what it’s like to have and raise a child. We cover such important topics as when to beat your children (Pat and I agree on this one but I probably say to do it more than she says), the hemorrhoids women get during childbirth (I am a mother in this way), and what it’s like at Ms. Pat’s house with all her lesbo and hetero kids running around. Saget and I had both been over there. I got crushed at spades by her daughter and Bob had narrowly escaped getting beaten up after being mistaken for a banker.

This was recorded live at Skankfest South, the greatest comedy festival on the earthly planet. It is a pure expression of the joy of live comedy. Get tickets to next year’s event. I won’t be there.

Big announcement of how I beat covid during the intro. And stay tuned for the outro where I break down what a jerk Dumbledore was to Harry Potter and how much I wanted to beat on the fans at Universal Studios.

I think this episode finally helped me figure out how to properly do a live episode of Skeptic Tank. It’s gonna be a fun, lighthearted topic, and I have to get out of the way of the other comics and just let them go off. My job on these is as a producer and I’ll just snipe away a little ala Mark Normand.

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