Ep. 210 - Mario's Big Spaghetti Time, with Jenna Stoeber


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Writer and Video Producer for Polygon Jenna Stoeber joins the panel to litigate whether P.T. is a complete game, milking for sport, and Zapdouglas.

Questions this week:

  1. K Thor Jensen asks: does your inventory management system reflect your real-world inventory management style? (04:56)
  2. What is the most incorrect prediction about video games you’ve ever heard or made? (10:25)
  3. What video game series should be adapted to young adult novels? (15:35)
  4. Which dormant video game series with three or more entries ended on the highest note? (19:41)
  5. What twitter account would you start to influence a trend in video game development, a la Can You Pet The Dog? (24:32)
  6. Dirtbag MVB asks: What are some good games made from reused assets? (30:09)
  7. What’s some of the juiciest drama you’ve seen in a video game community or message board? (35:16)
  8. What songs not written for video games do you associate with video games? (39:55)
  9. How do you make failure in video games fun? (45:28)
  10. What is the Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho of video games? (50:34)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Pokedexperts (54:03)

Recommendations and Outro (59:05)

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Frank: The Ink Spots baby, take Frank's file boxes

Jenna: Inscryption

Brandon: Get a buyout from your landlord if you're moving out of a rent-controlled apartment

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