Dissatisfied with Your Level of Biblical Literacy? Cyndee Ownbey Shares How to READ the Bible \\ ORDER Episode


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You are in for a treat today! Do you every wish you were more disciplined in your Bible study I have Cyndee Ownbey from the Women's Ministry Toolbox here to share her book READ that is a fabulous inductive bible study. The READ method brings ORDER to your Bible study discipline.

You can access her READ method here - https://womensministrytoolbox.com/read-bible-study/

If you are a Women's Ministry Leader, you will want to check out Cyndee's website: https://womensministrytoolbox.com/

You can join her private Facebook group for community with other women's ministry leaders: https://www.facebook.com/groups/womensministrytoolboxcommunity

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