What is Crypto and why Does it Matter? (Guest: Matt Taylor, Head of Growth at Solana)


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Crypto is having its moment (again) in 2021. But why does it matter to the average person, what is it, and how will it affect your life? We spend time talking to Matt Taylor - the Head of Growth at Solana (one of the hottest crypto projects on the planet right now) to discuss these subjects and more.

LISTENER NOTE - we apologize for audio choppiness during this episode - nevertheless there is a ton of good content in here if you can bear with us. We will record all our episodes IRL going forward.

Matt Taylor is the Head of Growth at Solana and a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space. We asked Matt what cryptocurrency is - he spent a good deal of time discussing the promise and its potential applications. But what about the differences between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and others? Matt makes an attempt at explaining the complexity and nuances of the different ecosystems - including their different philosophies.

We discuss NFTs, DeFi and some of the terms you've always wanted to learn about. This is such an expansive topic that we're likely to invite others on to discuss at some point. But you don't want to miss this episode with Matt - one of our best and most in depth yet.

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