Unpopular Opinion: The Niche is Dead


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In the 13+ years that I've been creating, re-imagining, and refining my brand, The Champagne Diet, I've witnessed many "experts" and coaches offer different approaches to business building. Some I've agreed with, and some have been downright damaging. One of the more popular approaches is finding your niche. And while I am not totally against niches, I don't think they are for everyone. If you've found something super specific and it's working for you and your audience - that's wonderful! I just know I could not do the exact same thing for the past 13 years, and almost every single one of my business clients has come to me feeling suffocated by the idea that she has to choose some specialized segment of her market and never veer off course.

In today's episode, I'm sharing my thoughts on why the "niche" is dead and how we can begin to look at our brands from a completely different, more creative, empowered perspective.

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