How Trauma Blocks Love with Frank Anderson


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For some people, loving relationships seem impossible. Our culture has given us many lies about love and intimacy, like the idea that we should be able to find our soulmate or that true love is easy. Unfortunately, many of us also suffer from complex PTSD due to relational trauma and have not seen or been a part of a healthy, secure relationship. So, has your past trauma made you incapable of having a healthy relationship? What if you’ve been abused so severely in childhood or adolescence or adulthood that you wonder if you can trust other people again?
In this podcast episode (final one for Season 4), Ameé speaks with Dr. Frank Anderson, a psychiatrist and brain-based psychotherapist about an innovative way to work with complex PTSD from abuse called Internal Family Systems. This therapy helps heal relational trauma by addressing the parts of yourself who have been hurt and haven’t healed yet. By identifying these parts and listening to their stories, they can begin to let go of old wounds and learn new ways of being in relationships without re-experiencing past traumas.

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