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Today we have New Jersey recording artist/entertainer, TwoGeebs aka Zilla F Baby Subscribe to the patreon for the video! https://www.patreon.com/Vontenyc Deciphering the two names & shoutouts my bro Sha! (1:58). New artist approach (3:49). Influenced by and wanna to go against Cam’ron (5:00). Older acts in hip hop (6:40). Does Jersey get music love? (10:00). Releasing music for the first time & food references in music (11:54). Art work is important! (12:50). Being prepared and strategizing / promotion (13:10). Are we allowed to take breaks? (20:02). Music video concepts are dying out + Busta Verzuz Missy: video Verzuz? (23:50). How does a new artist market? Pandemic ain’t stop a thing! + why he rocks the ski mask. (26:02). Two Geebs CANT live without music (33:00). Do you have a place here? (38:00). Stop visiting Hawaii + more! (40:00). Follow us on social media Instagram.com/vontenyc Instagram.com/twogeebs ThaGeebsTape 2 will be out tomorrow! & a visual will be available. Search TwoGeebs to stream all music Open studio day! - https://tapk.it/wtmboxoffice Have a great weekend.

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