On transformational ketamine therapy and running an integrative psychedelic clinic


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In today’s episode, we discuss what it’s like being a psychologist who owns a psychedelic clinic. Genesee Herzberg is the co-founder of Sage Integrative Health, an integrative clinic in Berkeley, CA that offers ketamine-assisted therapy (KAP), psychotherapy, somatic therapy, and acupuncture. Genesee discusses her holistic approach to healing, and shares her experience bootstrapping her clinic and setting up a non-profit to make KAP more affordable.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and the difference between high and low dose ketamine treatments
  • What it takes to get a for-profit clinic off the ground while running a non-profit organization
  • Sage Institute’s mission to make ketamine-assisted psychotherapy affordable for everyone
  • Genesee’s long term goals for the future of psychedelic medicine

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