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Frank Fitzpatrick spent over thirty years as a practitioner and teacher of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and science-based self-mastery and optimal living practices. He is a multi-platinum record producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, social entrepreneur, author, & award-winning filmmaker. He also serves as a Music & Health Expert, Faculty at Singularity University's Exponential Medicine, a Contributor to Forbes, and Founder of’s WHY Music initiative. Frank is a leading voice at the intersection of music, wellness, technology, and human potential.

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  • Yoga helped me take mindfulness out of the mind and into the body through breath.
  • That in combination with the work in emotional intelligence with Dr. Jeanne Segal and understanding how emotions are processed in the body and that to really be mindful, it's not just of our thoughts, it's of our entire system because our responses show up in many places in our body and to be fully mindful you want to be fully integrated in your awareness.
Thoughts on Breathing
  • I got started with yoga and pranayama and breath practices and performance music is all about breathing and phrasing and breath.
  • So the quickest way to mindfulness is to be mindful first of your breath because it does what we talk about in that integration of the body and the mind. From that place, if you can't have awareness of your breath, you're probably not being very mindful of other things.
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