What People Don’t Tell You About Freezing Your Eggs, HD-Proof Acne Hacks & Auntie Beauty Secrets With Family Karma Bravoleb Anisha Ramakrishna


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Bonafide reality star Anisha Ramakrishna, fashion designer and host of Currently Cringing Podcast is here and she’s bringing the BDE! Anisha left a glamourous career in New York City and a long-term relationship before moving back in with her parents at age 35. Whelp! That’s not all. Anisha froze her eggs, all by herself, and she spills all – along with catchphrases like “Twat Waffle” and “Dollar Store Drake” – on her hit Bravo reality show about the dazzling Indo-American experience, Family Karma. Anisha tells us everything about her connection with Dr. Brandt, and how she successfully controls her cystic acne while keeping skin HDTV-proofed, hunny. Plus, Auntie beauty secrets galore in today’s giggly episode.

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