Using Stoicism to Become Unbeatable with Michael Tremblay


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I welcome back my friend, Michael Tremblay. Michael is a PhD graduate in Philosophy, an incredible writer, co-founder of Stoa Meditation (an app that combines mindfulness practice and Stoic theory), as well as a competitive BJJ Black Belt.

Ever since being introduced to the Stoic philosophy in 2016 i’ve become very passionate about learning as much as I can and finding ways to apply it to my daily life. Michael is an incredible source of knowledge who has put in hundreds and hundreds of hours on ancient philosophy, specifically moral education of the Stoics, and does a fantastic job teaching people of all different walks of life. Michael, similar to me, is passionate about sport and has written several articles about the similarities the sport has to Stoicism.


-What is the Stoic Philosophy?

-Why have high performers taken into Stoic Philosophy more in the past 5 years?

-How chaos teaches the dichotomy of control

-Seeing obstacles as opportunities

-How difficulty teaches us how to gain freedom in our lives

-How to Stoics handle praise and ego?

-How do Stoics view stillness?

-Top 3 most impactful stoic quotes

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